Blogmas Day 17: Pimm's with a Twist

Nothing better then a delicious, refreshing drink on a hot summers day. This is where Pimm's comes in! I love Pimm's on a really hot day and thought I would share two of my favourite ways to have Pimm's in the summer.

Classic Pimm's

Nothing beats a classic Pimm's, some fresh fruit, lemonade and Pimm's and lots of ice!

Makes one jug
4 cups ice
160ml Pimm's
125ml lemonade
125ml ginger ale
1 lemon, cut into thin slices
1/2 lebanese cucumber, cut into thin slices
4-6 fresh mint leaves

Step 1: Place half the ice into a 1 litre jug with the lemon slices. Pour in Pimm's, followed by lemonade and ginger ale. Stir with a swizzle stick to combine. 
Step 2: Divide the remaining ice into four tall glasses. Place a piece of cucumber in each glass then fill with the Pimm's cocktail. Top with mint
You can also add in other fruit (oranges, berries, watermelon, whatever you would like!) to make the perfect summer mixture!

Watermelon Pimm's Mojito

Next is my favourite summer mixture. A watermelon cocktail? You heard correctly!

Makes one glass
4 chunks watermelon
10ml rose syrup
4-6 fresh mint leaves 
1/2 fresh lime
40ml Pimm's 
Soda water

Step 1: Chop the watermelon and place in a glass. Add rose syrup and muddle together.

Step 2: Clap mint leaves together and place in glass, then squeeze half a lime into the glass. 

Step 3: Pour 40ml Pimm's into the glass and then top with soda water. Give a quick stir and then top with a mint to garnish.

I'm always looking for delicious new cocktails, so I would love to hear what your favourite cocktail is! Let me know in the comments xx

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