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Australian Beauty Blogger Secret Santa

I cannot believe it is almost Christmas again! It feels like the year started last week. Time has flown. ANYWAY....seeing as Christmas is coming I wanted to do a bit of gift giving and get everyone involved! What better way than with Secret Santa.

If you are from Australia and are a beauty blogger or lover you can now be apart of the 2016 Australian Beauty Blogger Secret Santa! This Secret Santa is all about sharing a couple of your favourite beauty products (skincare or make up).  You have a budget no more than $30. 

If you are interested in being involved, click HEREPlease note: your details will only be shared with your Secret Santa, no one else! When you opt-in you can add some details about any allergies or products you definitely do not want to receive. 

If you do want to be involved make sure that you sign up by November 20th as you will be allocated your Secret Santa on November 21st. If you do sign up and are allocated with someone you are committed to being apart of the fun, so don’t be that person that doesn’t send a gift! Please make sure you have posted your Secret Santa gift by the 9th of December to ensure it makes it to your luck recipient by Christmas (we all know how unreliable the postal service can be…)

Make sure you share you goodies on social media so we can see what you get #AusBBSecretSanta

If you have any more questions feel free to let me know! I can't wait for you to be apart of this years Secret Santa!!! 

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