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Relaxation Central : Beauty Bar International

Seeing as I have been on school holidays, I have been trying to get as much relaxation as I can. When I was invited to have a facial at the Beauty Bar International, I could not say no!


I got married!!

As most of you will know by now, I got married! Two months ago exactly. I was wanting to share all the details about my wedding, but wanted to wait until I'd let it sink in (and of course until we got the professional photos!) However, it is now time to share. So keep reading to find out all the details about my wedding day.

June Book Wrap Up

And we are officially halfway through the year...just like that. 6 months until Christmas and New Years. 6 months until 2019....that is crazy. Anyway, it's time for another monthly reading wrap up!


Winter Must Have's: Face Masks

I couldn't complete my Winter Must Have's without talking about face masks! Who would I be if I didn't include my top winter face masks? Definitely not a face mask queen.... So happy Face Mask Friday and let's get into it!


Winter Must Have's: Face Mists and Lip Balms

This week is all about my Winter Must Have's. So far we have looked at cleansers, serums and moisturisers. Today we are going to touch on something slightly different. I will be talking all about face mists and lip balms, two crucial items in my skincare routine.