The Secret To Glowing, Luminous Skin!

Designer Brands Luminous Foundation

It's what we all want at the moment - glowing, luminous skin. It's all the rage right now and I don't know about you, but I am all for this trend! However, my dry and flaky skin has been holding me back from getting that natural glow. That is, until now...

Do you want my secret? I'm sure the picture has given it away, but keep reading for more details ;)

Sigma Dimensional Brushes Vol. 1

Sigma Dimensional Brushes Vol. 1

Sigma knows how to do unique, but good quality brushes. With a number of cult classic brushes, the ones that we cannot live without. Now, they are starting to branch out with brushes you would never have expected to see. Today I want to talk about two of those unique brushes.

Wedding Hair and Make Up Inspiration

Wedding Hair Inspiration

Simple, understated beauty. That is my current motto for wedding hair and make up. After all my recent beauty master classes, I want to enhance my own natural beauty. Gone are the days of bouncy up-do's, mountains of curls and shimmery pink cheeks. Now it's about relaxed, textured hair with contouring and lashes. Keep reading to see some of my inspiration for both hair and make up for my wedding.


JORD Watch

Needing a stylish way to tell the time? Well I have found the watch for you! 

Despite all the growing technology I am still a sucker for a analogue watches. Probably because I don't need all those flashy extra things when my phone already has all of those.

Buddha and The Drag Queen

By David

There’s an ancient story of the Buddha and his disciples sitting under a giant willow. To begin the day’s teaching, the Buddha gazed at his disciples, he noticed they were eager to learn, hungry to catch his wisdom. The Buddha sighed, looked to the ground, and pulled a flower from the ground. Holding up the flower to his disciples, the Buddha remained silent…
the disciples were confused… except one…